About Us



Joseph A. Caruana, MD, MS

Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery
State University of New York at Buffalo
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Science


Dr. Caruana is a Surgeon in Buffalo, NY with clinical, academic, and administrative experience. He has an MS from Creighton University in Health Care Ethics. He is a member of the Erie County Medical Center Ethics Committee and teaches medical ethics to students of the Jacobs School of Medicine in Buffalo.



Scott V. Monte, PharmD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy
State University of New York at Buffalo
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Monte is a Pharmacist in Buffalo, NY with clinical, academic, and entrepreneurial experience. He practices as a clinical pharmacist in the Department of Bariatric Surgery at the Erie County Medical Center and teaches clinical pharmacy practice to students of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

We have spent over a decade together taking care of patients with obesity through surgery. This is a controversial area of clinical practice. In our world, the benefits of surgery are clear. On the other hand, when teaching students, healthcare professionals and insurance providers, there are inevitably clinical and economic questions posed that make surgery controversial.

This reality gave rise to our teaching approach for CME In Bites. Every care situation we encounter is going to have perspectives and scenarios that create variability in action and outcome. It is impossible to teach and prepare for everything. Thus, the greatest value that we can provide in a learning experience is to build a foundation by presenting real-world scenarios and integrating practice relevant ethical principles to guide the professional in situations where mastery of the clinical information is not the only consideration.

 We hope you enjoy our (3) part video-based learning approach:

  1. The Scenario – A real-world experience posing a provocative or controversial clinical situation
  2. The Ethicist – Overview of the issues and integration of ethical considerations relevant to approaching the situation
  3. The Coda – An example approach to conclude the provider-patient interaction


In all our content you will find that we have taken great care to not introduce our own clinical or personal perspectives into the scenarios, ethicist overviews, or coda. Our intent is to provide an environment where learners can take a fresh approach to handling difficult situations.


Our Mission

We founded CME In Bites because our lives have become extremely busy and the traditional approach to Continuing Education does not match the needs of modern health care professionals. 

We believe people will prefer the flexibility of completing programs in multiple pieces - “bites” - on their schedule. 

We believe people will seek out and learn best from topics that are provocative or controversial yet delivered from a conceptual framework that does not introduce opinion or have intention to influence.

By staying true to these beliefs, we aim to create a delivery model of Continuing Education that enhances the learning experience and accommodates the busy lives of healthcare professionals.